Nothing More, Nothing Less


This song was a catastrophic disaster. I’m only saying this because I know what has happened to this song prior to it’s drop.  Whether it was the scrapped music video that I purchased a whale for, or the 7 hour studio session that amounted to nothing trying to revise this song. I probably shouldn’t have told you guys that but whatevz. I feel like you guys deserve to know what’s going on behind the scizzeeenzes. Anyways, this song is nothing but witty gibberish, fun wordplay, and creative lines to keep you guys in tune and amused while I kill myself mentally making Return To Pistol Lake. This song is not conceptual like most of my other songs. It’s just me writing and having fun.  New posts tomorrow, thank you to those who find my life actually interesting. Without any further valedictions, I give you Mouth

It’s still the summer, man. It always is.

How Could One Possibly Enjoy His Last Summer As A Kid While Simultaneously Documenting It To The Free World Persistently?

These periodic hiatus are becoming a bad habit. My last post was 3 months ago and that really isn’t acceptable and I kind of do feel bad for the people that had high hopes for this blog. Apologies are some what in place but why should I apologize for living a pretty damn good summer? Eventful, nonetheless. This summer series of posts will have multiple sequels. I still haven’t taken the time to re-cap all 10 weeks yet but I figured as I create these posts it will come along. Treacherous journies through the myth/legend pistol lake, Caribbean crusading, Bostonian vibes, acid intakes, and too much damn rock-n-roll to recap. Holy shit I don’t even know where to pin-point a start . Pin-pointing an end is much more difficult though because Dino said summer never ends. First and foremost, I’d like to tip my hat off to Hollister in The Falls. Fuck y’all. Ok let’s begin.

Ohhhhhhhh and I’d like to mention before you set-off that these posts are curated in a short time period, for now. I thought this could be the one thing that I didn’t have to have  perfected but who who knows, this will probably change by next post.


Yung Kubrick

If you are a fan of my music then there’s a nice chance you are familiar with “Dusk”. Around the release of Neon/Noir it seemed to be one of the more favorable tracks. I always had a vision for some visuals for it. I display to you my first try at directing. Thank you to Cadaver over at Hxmegrxwn and the amazing Katherine for being a good sport while filming. I present to you, Dusk.

Suburban Explorers (Camping Hats and All)

There was a time (well, like may of last year and earlier) where I felt like I was restricted from “cool shit to do with friends” because of where I live. For my fellow natives of Homestead, you know that there practically isn’t any shit to do here.. .at all. Not the slightest bit of exaggeration either. It wasn’t until last year summer where I stumbled upon what has now been declared mine (fuck state property); Pistol Lake. Whatever… ya da ya da ya da blah blah. Basically what I’m trying to say is some work was done in the past #3hunna hours and was documented. Not revealing what was actually done on this great evening but I’ll let you come to some conclusions from these pictures. Once again, the disposable camera decided to store memories to itself and not print. Revealing of this project in a mere week or so. Maybe. We’ll see. Sorry for the lack of posts though. I made this blog with the intentions of it giving me a drive to do more cool shit. Wutevzz enjoy these pictures. Some were shot by Dino, Aaron (happy birthday bud!), and myself.

aaron bb bts cadaver in the cut crew crew dusk layout kicksssssssss karate chop future voice oh yah

-Maximilian a.k.a. yung Speilberg to the rap game.

“More Fun Than Sitting At Home!”

First and foremost, that title came from an ad on The Simpsons ride, I didn’t make that up. Not trying to take stuff ya know? Anyways, I recently purchased a disposable camera, the inner hipster wanted one so damn bad. In the end I was disappointed because nearly 10 pictures didn’t even develop so I apologize for the lack of the pictures; there was more. Headed to Universal couple weeks back with the old man and sister, compiled some pictures of the whole trip. Once again, fuck that disposable. universal welcomeE.T. japankrusty land king tut ya dun kno no face, bruh krustyland 1   universal 1

rare selfie

Pleasure island 1

Untitled 1

Just Chill,


The Summer of ’68

Now the dull thing to do when making your first post would be to give a boring bio. Look, if you knew how to get here then you already know who I am. This blog however is just a compilation of thoughts, pictures (whether I took them or I found them), songs that I find are fucking great. A bit more personal and in depth to my friends and myself’s life, our road to this success we like to imagine, the whole 9 yards, ya know? Behind the scenes, projects, products, all of that good stuff that I think is cool. If you’re still reading this, thanks man.

Just Chill,